Global Packaging Forum: RETHINK Your Packaging Design

The time has come to rethink the way packaging is designed. The change is being driven by consumers who want to see circular packaging that has designed out waste, is reusable, incorporates recycled content, is truly recyclable and all unnecessary packaging and problematic materials are eliminated.

This significant societal behaviour shift is a green light for Packaging Technologists and Designers to become even more innovative and creative by the redesign of packaging to be circular and not follow the linear model of ‘take-make-dispose’. Packaging Technologists and Designers can now design out waste at the beginning, to ensure the materials selected can be used repeatedly, are recyclable and regenerates natural systems.

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Webinar Details


15 Jun 2021


3.00 pm

Time Zone:

Bangkok (GMT+7)




Ralph Moyle FAIP CPP
Education Coordinator
Australian Institute of Packaging