Automated Industrial Bagging Solutions – Take Your Bagging to The Next Level

Session by Premier Tech and Thai-German Institute

Automation, Industry 4.0/5.0, digitization – these terms are used repeatedly but what does it take to automate packaging for powder, granules, and ingredients?
How to be more efficient when packaging powdery food ingredients (accuracy, cleanability, bag labelling).
Why and how to integrate automation in your packaging line?
What automation solutions are available for your specific requirements?

Join our industry experts to discover how automation can streamline supply chain, retain product quality, occupational health & safety, and return on investment.

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Webinar Details


15 December 2021


10 am

Time Zone:

Bangkok (GMT+7)




Kasidit Leelawilailuk
Senior Engineer Robotic Technology Department Machine Automation and Robotic Center
Thai-German Institute
Didier Nguyen
Sales Director – SEA
Premier Tech Systems and Automation