Buyer Benefits and Features


As a buyer on ProPak Connect users can not only gain access to active companies and suppliers from the industry to ease their sourcing process, but also a plethora on content-rich interactive sessions ranging from webinars, product demos, live events and online networking. 

As a free-to-use platform, ProPak Connect covers 11 main industry categories featuring several companies showcasing their products. 

Buyer Interest and Supplier Cateogires:

Benefits Include:

  • Seamless Sourcing
    Browse through numerous company and product showcases and filter by categories to find what you are looking for. With detailed information, catalogues and videos for each of them available

  • Engage and Enquire
    ProPak Connect lets you send your enquiry directly to the companies and start engaging with them to meet your specific needs

  • Curated Content
    Beyond just products, PropPak Connect offers you a range of content driven interactions with access to webinars, themed events, and even access to ProPak virtual events

  • Business Matching
    Take advantage of ProPak Connect’s advanced and sophisticated business matching feature that makes it easier for you to find suppliers

Benefits Include:

365-day Online Showcase

• Product Listing (Limited and Unlimited)
• Media Gallery and Product Showcase (video)
• Spotlight
• Quick Upload / Batch Upload
• Showroom Performance Report**

The year-round showroom and directory with its enhanced features and add-ons is the perfect place to start your journey on ProPak Connect – a dedicated and focused online space for the processing and packaging community.

Content Hub and Live Events

• Live Showcase or On-Demand Webinar**
• Roundtables**
• Industry News 

Content hosted by you on ProPak Connect in media rich formats will enable you to participate in discussions and learn from each other. You don’t have to stick to traditional means of commerce, engage with suppliers and the wider business community in new ways using these tools!

Enquiry Management & Real-time Engagement

• Messaging and Live Chats***
• Tender Requests
• Notifications & Notes Function
• Meeting Scheduler and Video Calls

The platform offers several features to manage enquiries with suppliers through messaging, live chats including video, to notifications and notes.

Exclusive Themed Business Matching

ProPak Connect will host themed business matching sessions that will combine content with targeted buyers & suppliers, and bespoke AI driven matchmaking that will ensure you are able to meet your sourcing needs efficiently. 

** Feature will be available on ProPak Connect by end of 2021 or soon after

*** Feature will be available on ProPak Connect by Q3 or Q4 of 2021