Supplier Features and Benefits


ProPak Connect provides companies with a platform to extend their online presence and reach to a very targeted audience base. Suppliers can present and deliver information about their products, services, and technology through ProPak Connect by means of product showcase, curated content, interactive and live sessions, and product demos online. 

With ProPak Connect the focus is on engagement. With multiple marketing suites and packages to choose from, suppliers can enhance their presence on the platform, boost their brand awareness campaigns, or simply attract a greater volume of enquiries and traffic to their product showcase.

Reach over 180,000 qualified buyers

11 buyer interest or supplier categories

Buyer representation - 188 countries

Part of ProPak brand established for
29 years

Buyer Interest and Supplier Cateogires:

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How ProPak Connect can help promote your business

  • Comprehensive and interactive company showcase 
    Detailed listing for participating companies with several features embedded for enhanced product display and enquiry generation. Including rich media options such as images, videos, documents, and the ability to host online product demos

  • Content driven marketing
    ProPak Connect aims at bringing together industry specific content through its online webinars, roundtables, and conferences addressing some of the current needs across the various sectors of the industry, all hosted seamlessly on the platform.

  • Live engagement with industry peers
    roPak Connect extended features include one-on-one chat and business matching, video conferencing, and enquiry management to facilitate real-time business dialogue

  • Advertising and branding solutions 
    ProPak Connect offers companies with advertising and branding options that will give them the opportunity to target buyers and promote their products and brand at various touch points throughout the platform, its events and beyond


365-day Online Showcase

• Product Listing (Limited and Unlimited)
• Media Gallery and Product Showcase (video)
• Spotlight
• Quick Upload / Batch Upload
• Showroom Performance Report**

The year-round showroom and directory with its enhanced features and add-ons is the perfect place to start your journey on ProPak Connect – a dedicated and focused online space for the processing and packaging community.

Audience Engagement and Promotion

• Social Media Integration
• Live Showcase or On-Demand Webinar**

Take your presence on ProPak Connect a step further by integrating with your social media platforms, and engagement tools to create interactive webinars and showcases.

Enquiry Management

• Buyer Messaging and Live Chats***
• Buyer Tender Requests
• Notifications
• Notes

The platform offers several features to manage enquiries through messaging, live chats including video, to notifications and notes.

Integrated Advertising and Branding Options

Platform Advertising

  • Banner Ads
  • Sponsored / Featured Products

Enhance your company profile and listing on the ProPak Connect online showroom by boosting your presence using these add-ons. Users will notice your brand right away, and follow through to your profile page.

Brand Boost

  • Top Search Ranking

ProPak Connect aims at attracting numerous industry purchasers and curious decision makers searching
for the right fit of machinery,
equipment or technology by
searching through the directory listing. Use this feature to give your brand a boost and make sure your
company profile appears first when the right buyer is searching for it.

Content Outreach

  • Sponsored Content
  • In-article Videos
  • Sponsored Webinars
  • Product Showcase
  • Webinars
    (Targeted Sourcing)

Content is the best way to engage with your target audience, and to generate enquiries. There are a number of content marketing driven
options to choose from that will help you put your best foot forward with your customers.

Email Marketing Suite

  • Targeted Email Campaigns
  • Advertising

Don’t just wait for the buyers to reach you, but you can proactively reach out to them! Engage with ProPak Connect’s extensive and segment audience base so that your message can land right in their inbox and you can direct them to your presence on the ProPak Connect platform.

Remarketing and Look-Alike Audiences

  • Social Media
  • External Networks

Go beyond the platform – remarketing helps remind your audience about your products, and increase traction. With remarketing you can target your existing buyers from ProPak Connect as well as attract audiences with ‘Look-Alike’ profiles from other sources including popular social media networks and external web sources.