How brands adapt to new normal through package and design identity

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Date: 19 October 2021
Time: 10am to 12nn
Time Zone: GMT+7 (Bangkok)
Language: Thai
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Nopneera Rugsasook
Founder & CEO
Yindee Design Co., Ltd.

Nopneera Rugsasook (Khun Fon) is the founder of Yindee Design Co.,Ltd., the company that is well-known and well-accepted in Thai design industry. People know Yindee Design Co.,Ltd from its prominent packaging design works that have received many design awards, both national and international.

Khun Fon began her career path by working for one of the top advertisement agencies in Thailand. She is one of the very first people who know about branding in Thailand since she had worked with big domestic and international companies. One day, she decided to start her own business. She founded her own company named “Yindee Design” and that company has continually done many successful projects for many companies.

In the past several years, Yindee Design Co.,Ltd has had opportunities to work with many Thai entrepreneurs and has created countless accomplishments that can turn over the brands and make the brands more successful. We fell in love with the good intention of Thai entrepreneurs and the work environment with Thai companies. We cordially aim to support Thai companies to become successful with creative branding and communicative design.

Packaging Design Awards that Yindee Design Co.,Ltd has received

– Red dot, Germany
– FAB Award, England
– TOPS Award Asia, Japan
– Good Design Award, Japan
– Demark Award, Thailand
– Thai Packaging Award, Thailand

Education and Work Experience

Kasetsart University Laboratory School, 16

Visual Communication Design, Faculty of Decorative Arts, Silpakorn University, 36

Chuo Senko Advertising – Art Director

Ogilvy&Mather – Art Director

Yindee Design Co.,Ltd – Founder / MD / ECD

Pookpintokao Project – Initiator and Co-founder